Samurai Steve - Gojo Machiya

Washitsu - Gojo Machiya

LDK - Gojo Machiya

Samurai Bob - Sanjusan Machiya

Geisha Room - Sanjusan Machiya

LDK - Sanjusan Machiya

Samurai Harry - Kiyomizu Machiya

Western bedrom - Kiyomizu Machiya

The entrance - Kiyomizu Machiya

Samurai Kevin - Toji Machiya

The entrance - Toji Machiya

The Tsuboniwa (Garden) - Toji Machiya

Samurai Joe - Gojozaka Machiya

Gojozaka Machiya - Living Room

“The look and feel of a traditional Machiya”

with all the modern comfort

Old traditional Kyoto townhouses fully renovated and now featuring luxurious modern facilities. Conveniently located, they’re the perfect place for the visit of Kyoto and to experience a unique traditional lifestyle and cultural experience, with all the modern comfort you can wish for.

Kinkaku-Ji, the Golden Pavilion

The ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto is the cultural and historical heart of Japan. Kyoto is probably the best place in Japan to enjoy the beauty of the country, its culture, its people, its numerous traditional Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines with their beautiful gardens and treasures.

Best of 2016 in Photos

Best of 2016 in Photos

Best of 2016 in Photos
Yes, we like Kyoto and spend a lot of time enjoying its discovery. We have decided to offer our visitors a few photo galleries of what we liked and enjoyed last year: The Best of 2016 in photos